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Graphite dog bed with a red heart Brooks M

Price: 66.00 EUR

The dog bed with the heart Brooks in a beautiful color is a cozy place for a dog made of soft plush. The front is decorated with a heart sewn with decorative stitching. The whole thing is filled with silicone balls, which means that it always keeps its shape. It will provide your pet with a wonderful rest. Inside there is a soft pillow that is very easy to clean and durable. In addition, the dog or kitten will receive two small pillows: one in the shape of a heart, the other square and a funny bone made of the same fabric. The whole thing looks very stylish and cozy. While sleeping in this lair, your pet will surely remember his childhood.


  • M
15 x 50 x 60

Each animal needs its own place in the house, which guarantees a comfortable rest after a day full of various activities or lazing around every day. For this reason, pet owners should provide an appropriate bed adapted to the size and individual needs of pets. The lair with a heart is a product characterized by high-quality workmanship made of high-strength materials. It is very comfortable, thanks to which every dog or cat will love naps during the day even more. Perfect for small breeds. The big advantage is also the small amount of space that the lair takes up, which makes it easy to find the right angle for your pet.

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