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Black dog car seat Miki black

Price: 105.00 EUR

A car seat for a dog or cat Miki in a beautiful black color and with fashionable quilting is a model that guarantees comfort, stability, and, most importantly, safety. Your pet will love traveling, from micro-tours to multi-day expeditions. The highest-quality materials as well as a soft and pleasant structure provide ideal conditions for a stress-free journey with a dog or cat.

1.00 kg
26 x 48 x 58
The Amibelle car seat means less problems for you and your pet!
Being stressed, both humans and animals, is the main reason travel cancellation. A short or long trip with a dog or cat should be a source of happiness and rest for the owner and pet. The Amibelle car seat has been created to eliminate the most unpleasantness associated with traveling. It helps to minimize the feeling of stress, increasing comfort while driving. Thanks to this, your dog or cat will be happier and healthier.
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