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Blue dog car seat Mia Lux Metallic L

Price: 105.00 EUR

The Lux Metallic dog car seat in a beautiful color with a metallic finish will help to provide pets with a sense of comfort, stability, and thus - safety! In the house or in the open space around the house, the dog doesn't feel discomfort because it knows its terrain well, knows that it is safe there and has firm ground under its paws. The case is completely different when traveling by car. In order to eliminate the most unpleasantness related to the trip, we have created a car seat for your pet. Stiffened walls will provide stability, reducing the symptoms of motion sickness in animals, at the same time the soft interior will ensure comfort, making the whole journey more enjoyable.


  • L
1.00 kg
57 x 50 x 25
With the Amibelle car seat, your dog will love long journeys!
Stress is unhealthy in both humans and animals. It is necessary to take care of its safety while traveling, to minimize its sense of stress and increase comfort while driving. This will help protect its health! The seat is made of materials that isolate moisture, lumps and hair. Thanks to this, you don't have to worry about the upholstery. All you need to do is take the seat out of the car, vacuum it and it will be like new again, and your car won't have any trace of pet's hair.
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